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My name is Sebastian, Owner of 360 RAK. I started 360 RAK in 2020 at the hight of the pandemic when I found my self playing a lot more hockey to cope with the constent changes that were happening. Like many, hockey is my happy place.

The idea came along after my wife kept voicing her concerns about my stinky gear laid out across our patio. So like most, I ran over to Amazon to find a drying rack for my gear. I was hoping to find one that would organize my gear & allow me to quickly dry it out.

We get some crazy weather living in the Pacific Northwest especially the wind. Which meant no PVC stick man for me! I lost track of the amount of times I had to go downstairs & pickup an elbow pad, glove, or sock that had flown off the balcony. I thought to myself, “there has to be a better way!”

So after countless hours of research…NOTHING! Nothing affordable, nothing that would last a very long time, nothing that hangs & can pivot in the wind. So I made the 360 RAK. I then realized that I probably wasn’t the only one with this issue.

360 RAK has now turned into a family business with the motto of “No matter your sport, we'll take care of your equipment!”


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